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Looks like the proliferation of drones across the globe has extended to Giants minicamp as well.

It was a rather bizarre sight to see, but in the early portion of practice, a small white helicopter-esque device was seen hovering above the Giants practice field during team drills.

No, the Giants are (probably) not a target on the CIA’s kill list, nor are the Patriots and Bill Belichick devising ingenious ways to spy on teams (at least as far as we know). The drone is actually becoming a rather common tool that NFL teams are employing to help film practices.

Giants Minicamp Football

The drone, a DJI Phantom 3, enables the coaches and players to study plays from a straight overhead angle, which wasn’t previously possible. Indeed, immediately after practice, you could see some players making use of the unique vantage point by watching the film on their iPads.

Some players, like quarterbacks Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib, didn’t even notice. Others couldn’t help but take stock of the device fluttering 50-60 feet above their heads.

“Yeah, someone pointed that out and made a big deal about that,” said cornerbackPrince Amukamara. “I just think it’s new technology, and [the NFL is] becoming advanced as the years go on.”

The Giants’ football video department apparently practiced using the drone above an unoccupied field for three weeks before having it hover over the players and coaches.

The Giants are not the first team to test drones this spring. The Dallas Cowboys have used them to tape the special teams portion of their practices. Unsurprisingly, the Patriots are also using them. No word on whether Belichick uses it for any extracurricular activities.