HomeVideo: This Goose Attacked A Flying Drone Over Its Territory

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Geese are known for being territorial creatures, something which one cameraman found out the hard way, when his drone was attacked mid-air.

And while the drone may have sustained some damage in the unexpected aerial attack, the footage makes for a hilarious video.

The drone had a run-in with an Egyptian goose, a species known in particular for engaging in aerial dogfights, particularly in breeding season. 

The drone was capturing picturesque images of Oudorperpolder, in the city of Alkmaar

They will even go so far as to kill the offspring of another goose so as to ensure the survival of their own nest.

Baring this in mind, it is probably not the best idea to fly over the nest of an Egyptian goose – as the controller of the drone discovered in Holland.

In the short clip, the drone captures picturesque images of Oudorperpolder, in the city of Alkmaar, as it circles an expanse of water.

A pair of windmills can be seen in the back of the shot as well as a number of people on bikes, cycling around the lake.

Suddenly, from the corner of the shot, an Egyptian goose disturbs the tranquillity of the setting.

It beats its wings hard, without taking a break to glide, and gets bigger as it continues to approach the drone.

Without warning it crashes straight into the camera – its angry face is captured moments before impact.

Smashing into the drone, the bird causes it to spin out of control and the footage becomes distorted as the controller attempts to safely bring the camera back down to earth.

The clip concludes with the drone landing unceremoniously in the long grass, where it is later recovered by its operator.

The incredible footage was captured by RTV NH, a public broadcasting station in the Netherlands, and was uploaded to YouTube.