HomeVideo: How Can Snoopy Fly In The Sky?

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Imagine looking up into the sky and seeing Snoopy soaring through the clouds on his flying doghouse. Finally, that daydream has become a reality.

Otto Dieffenbach and his company Flyguy Promotions design, build, test, and produce IFOs (Identifiable Flying Objects) based on quadcopter drones. Their latest aerial apparatus features the iconic Peanuts dog sitting on top of his red doghouse wearing pilot goggles.

Dieffenbach was inspired by the trailer for The Peanuts Movie, which comes out this December and features the flying craft.  His creation first flew in February, but it was kept under wraps until now. It will soon head to San Diego Comic-Con to put every cosplayer to shame

Dieffenbach’s other projects include a flying TARDIS and R2-D2. Good grief, this guy’s a genius.