HomeVideo: Firefighters Rescued Dog, Which Was Caught On Action Cam

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As St. Tammany Fire District 3 Capt. Michael Geissler and his partner made their way through the flames and smoke inside a home in Lacombe on Wednesday, they found something they weren’t expecting.

“It’s one of those things we don’t practice for, animals, not normally, so it kind of startles you, catches you off guard,” he said, “But just like anything that’s breathing, we’ll grab the dog and bring it out.”

Daisy the dog was unconscious, but panting heavily. It was the first day, and the first fire, for St. Tammany Fire District 4 firefighters Johnny Bautista and Bryant Kensey, and they were assigned to keep Daisy alive.

“When we first started giving him oxygen, we kind of looked at each other like I don’t know if he’s gonna make it man, and he was like keep trying so we moved him over to the shade. Just kept pumping him oxygen,” they said, “He started come to, and he started blinking and moving and we looked at each other again and said man he’s gonna make it.”

“When they found Daisy, I am just so appreciative to them that I just wish God’s blessings on all of them. They’re fantastic,” said Daisy’s owner Buena Silve.

But Daisy needed more medical attention, something her owner couldn’t afford, especially while watching everything she had burn to the ground.

“I had to give her up, even though I didn’t want to,” she said, “It’s like having to give away one of my children.”

Today, Daisy is back to her happy, inquisitive self. But, in order for Silve to be able to get Daisy back home, she needs a home first, and then there are a couple of fees to pay at the St. Tammany Animal Services Shelter in Lacombe where Daisy was taken for care and has been staying. But the shelter can only keep Daisy on hold for seven days before adopting her out, unless someone can help Silve cover the costs to keep her boarded elsewhere.

“She’s a very, very important part of my life and I love her and I pray to God I can get her back,” said Silve.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has not determined a cause for the fire yet.