HomeVideo: Drone Captures The Completed 26-mile London Crossrail

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A drone has captured incredible sneak-peek footage of the completed Crossrail tunnels burrowed beneath London.

The tunnelling of the £14.8billion cross-London rail service was completed recently after eight giant boring machines made their final breakthrough at Farringdon.

The tunnels measure 130ft in length and will transport commuters 26 miles all the way from Reading, Berkshire, in the west to Shenfield, Essex, in the east.

They are made up of more than 200,000 concrete tunnel segments and each segment weighs an astonishing 3.4 tonnes.

Captured on camera is the intricate network of underground warrens that weave their way between existing Underground lines, sewers, utility tunnels and building foundations.

Using the tunnels will be trains of at least 650ft in length, serving 40 stations – increasing capacity through London by 10 per cent.

Additionally, there will be up to 24 trains running between Paddington and Whitechapel during peak times.

Ten new Crossrail stations are also being constructed in central London, the Docklands, and Abbey Wood in south London.

At least 75,000 business opportunities are expected to be generated by Crossrail, which will begin serving commuters in 2018. 

The construction project is Europe’s largest with thousands of workers operating on many different sites every day.