HomeVideo: Contractors Gets On Arduous Task With The Help Of Drone

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Managing and repairing slips and erosion has become easier and safer for in the city with the use of a drone.

Contractor Fulton Hogan has had the drone in use for the past six weeks.

It was used last week when stumps were removed and a bank overlooking Portobello Rd stabilised.

Fulton Hogan laboratory manager Dr Sean Connaughton said it had definitely made life easier.

”It’s a fantastic tool to have in our armoury.

”We’ve been out to quite a few areas to investigate sites and slips.

”… [it] allows you to approach areas that otherwise might be difficult to approach on foot or in the machine … and just gives you an opportunity to get really close and get a really clear view of where you want to put machinery and people,” Dr Connaughton said.

Fulton Hogan maintenance divisional manager Hamish Lindsay said the drone was great for determining the scope of slips.

”We don’t have to put people in the [danger] area.”

DCC roading maintenance engineer Peter Standring said the use of a drone would be of huge benefit, as it allowed the magnitude of sites to be seen from another perspective.

It was great for ”geo techs” and other contractors the council used, he said.

Drone pilot Aaron McGrouther, who was contracted by Fulton Hogan to control the drone, said it was a tough skill to learn.

He had been flying drones for two and a-half years and had had ”hundreds of crashes” before becoming competent.