HomeUAV And Drone Program Highlights Need For Safe Usage

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UAV, or better known as drone, technology is quickly becoming more popular, and with that, comes a more widespread interest in them.

Larry Crabb, a photographer and pilot who is an amateur UAV flier of three years, taught a program for those interested at the Betty Strong Encounter Center on Sunday. He discussed just how popular they are becoming and how they are being used.

Drones are often used around the world for big tasks like carrying weapons and surveillance. Anyone can fly them, but things can go wrong.

“Safety is one of our biggest concerns and one of the reasons that I am doing the program is to get the word out that as these get easier and easier to fly it’s gonna become more and more important, because they are proliferating very quickly, more and more important that people be aware of the safety aspect of this and the FAA is into it so I want to get people aware of that,” said pilot and photographer, Larry Crabb.