HomeThis Drone Could Help Save Drowning Beach-goers

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The buzzing propeller may not sound pleasant, but that drone could potentially save lives out on the water this summer. A Connecticut group has developed a life preserver that can be carried by a drone and deployed with the press of a button.

“The idea behind this is to provide temporary flotation until a life-saving professional can get to the person in trouble,” said Bill Piedra.

With the help of some enterprising high school students from King Low Heyward in Stamford, Piedra invented “Project Ryptide,” which is the life-saving drone accessory that can fly over a swimmer in trouble.

“A volunteer or secondary member can get this device out to a person in water 500 yards away in less than 30 seconds,” Piedra said.

The drone drops a life preserver that automatically inflates when it touches water. Their product isn’t supposed to replace lifeguards, but meant to give the professionals another tool to use in a rescue.

“That’s two minutes of extra time to keep somebody’s head above water until a professional can get to them,” Piedra said.

The project allowed high school senior Connor Murphy an opportunity to get hands-on experience with engineering and programming.

“I think this is an awesome experience,” he said. “Learning a ton on inventing process or how engineering process actually works.”

There’s already been demand for the product and sales made. The company has gotten calls from lifeguards in North Carolina and Brazil.