HomeThe snowy photo of Reykjavik that everyone is raving about

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“I’ve always wanted to take a nice winter photograph of the city centre and I’ve been dreaming about this exact point of view,” explains photographer Óli Haukur Mýrdal of a beautiful photograph shared by hundreds last night on social media.”To make this photograph a reality, weather conditions had to be perfect, which yesterday they finally were. A lot of snow, clear skies, Christmas lights and a drone camera, something I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. Today’s technology allows us to capture moments like this.”


On the technical side, Mýrdal explains that he used a drone which connects to 9-17 satellites to place itself in a specific location where it stays at the same height and direction. The camera is on three giro stabilised motors who are constantly moving to keep the camera as steady as possible.  My equipment is developed by DJI and is called Inspire 1 Pro with a 16 megapixel camera taking RAW photographs.” He feels that the possibilites are endless using this kind of technology.  “Drones have been an amazing and useful invention, both for search and rescue purposes, the movie industry and for photography, and you can also make 3-D models of buildings using this technology.”