HomeTaiwan’s Brewer Turned Drones Into Mechanical “Bees” To Deliver Cans Of Honey Beer

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Every marketer hopes to create “buzz” around a new product launch, but one Taiwanese brand has taken this mantra quite literally.

Local brewer Taiwan Beer turned drones into mechanical “bees” to deliver cans of its new Honey Beer product, which is brewed with fresh honey, to office workers. The stunt, by Wunderman’s Taiwan office, encouraged office workers to apply online if they wanted free beer for themselves and their colleagues. The agency then sent out the bee drones and had them hover outside applicants’ windows or even fly into the offices to announce the arrival of the beer.

Wunderman also used Google Street View to superimpose bees onto images of people’s workplaces. Applicants could key in their office’s address to generate an image and share it on social media.

According to the agency and client, around 15,000 people signed up for the drone delivery service within just 10 days, and after the product launch, sales of Honey Beer outstripped all previous Taiwan Beer launches by four times.