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If you’ve wanted to shoot dizzying HD video from a drone performing daring tricks, but balked at the price of entry, Swann has a new item for your holiday wish list. The Xtreem Gravity Pursuit 1080p Video Drone ($300) is the first Full HD camera drone by the electronics manufacturer, and its price is $200 less than drones with similar features.


The Gravity Pursuit comes with a 4GB microSD card, which can hold up to 30 minutes of the 1080p video shot by its detachable onboard camera. The drone’s camera supports microSD cards with up to 32GB of memory, so it can store up to 4 hours of footage before you need to export the data.

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Swann claims that the Gravity Pursuit (available today from Swann) can perform “4D stunts tumbles and advanced flight moves,” and while we hope to one day review a drone that can cross dimensions, this high-flier will merely travel through time at the same speed as we all do. The drone is supposed to last 12 minutes on a single charge. The Parrot Bebop, which is our current favorite camera drone under $500, lasts 10 minutes on a charge.

The 4-axis drone — which measures 19.69 x 19.69 x 7.48 inches and weighs 1.34 ounces — is larger but lighter than the Bebop (13 x 12 x 4 inches, 13.7 ounces). Both shoot 1080p video and perform tricks, but the strong, durable Bebop costs $500.

Swann promises that the Gravity Pursuit has a “lightweight yet durable construction, and is designed specifically for outdoor use.” There is little information about the camera part of this drone and its ruggedness. We are reserving judgment until we get the drone into our labs for testing and review. However, at first blush, this may be a drone worth watching.