HomeStaggering aerial pictures show devastation and scale of Cumbrian floods

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The effects of flooding in CumbriaThe striking photos from the sky show the town of Carlisle in Cumbria and the fields surrounding it engulfed by flood water. Cumbria has been the victim of recent flooding with homeowners and businesses left with their livelihoods ruined. The photos reveal the shocking effects that the flooding has had on the region. The pictures feature Warwick Road, which has been one of the worst hit areas, as well as the village of Pooley Bridge and the centre of Appleby, where people’s possessions were left on the street following the flooding.

cumbria2-411090In a statement early on Thursday morning Cumbria Police said that while the flood water was beginning to recede the situation remained “extremely dangerous.”The statement said: “Cumbria Police would like to urge the people of Glenridding to stay inside their properties to keep themselves and their families safe.

“Earlier the river water spilled over the banks into the village. The flood water is now starting to slowly recede in Glenridding.”The police also warned motorists to avoid driving “unless it is an absolute emergency”.Business owner Jon Holdsworth, of Patterdale Hall Estate half-a-mile away, described the floods as “biblical” as he watched his camping and caravan business disappear under water.The Government has agreed to pledge £50million for Storm Desmond victims.


The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, visited the flood-struck area of Cumbria today. Instead of pottering tourists, the streets were lined with skips and a builder’s van with items such as fridges and sandbags on the pavement. The Met Office’s chief scientist, Julia Slingo, has linked the dramatic floods to climate change. Cumbria County Council said the damage from the weekend’s flooding was on a scale never seen before, with the situation changing hourly.


Figures from a rain gauge at Honister in the Lake District showed a UK record 341mm of rain had fallen in 24 hours over the weekend.The average rainfall for Cumbria for the month of December is 146.1mm, the Met Office said.