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A half-day science and robotics exhibition organised by the Academy of Robotics here on Sunday attracted a good number of students.

The students, accompanied by their parents, were eager to listen to the participants and they also had an opportunity to see robots act according to their commands. Thirty students from different schools, who were trained at the academy, participated in the exhibition.

While Suraj Utawale of JSS Public School and Aryaman Jaiswal prepared a ‘humanoid robot’, Nischal Reddy of St. Antony’s Public School and Bhaskar Malani of SDM School were busy flying the ‘quadcopter’ they had developed. As everyone wanted to take a look at the copter within the limited space available, they had to take extra care so as to ensure that it did not hit the other robots on display.

Varun Patil had developed a ‘Sumo Bot’, Samarth Nanjannavar and Abhinav Kurugod had put on display a cable car, which could be operated mechanically in case of a power failure.

The other models on display included an Obstacle avoidance bot, Bluetooth controlled bot, Arduino with LCD, water sprinkler, power saw, gear set up and single motor car, hydraulic lift, among others. The participating students belonged to Classes I to X.

Managing director of the academy Kotresh Yallapur said the objective of the exhibition was to create interest among the children, especially those who enjoy meddling with toys at their homes, in robotics.

“Robotics will not only help them understand various concepts they study in schools, but also put it to practice while developing robots,” he said.