HomeReport: Drone Owners Will Now Have to Register With the US Government

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Hobby drones have come under heavy criticism recently for interfering with firefighting efforts and flying too close to airports.

According to NBC News, the Department of Transportation plans to have all drones in the country registered by Christmas.

On Monday, the US DOT will supposedly announce the program, working with manufacturers to create a national registry. NBC’s Tom Costello also reportsthat the government will create a specific taskforce just for drones.

 Cities have run up against major challenges when it comes to finding and prosecuting drone operators who break the law or damage property. The FAA has offered rewards to find drones that hampered rescue efforts for wildfires in California, for example, but it’s tough to find those who are abusing their drone-owning privileges.
Although we’ve heard rumors of potential regulations from the FAA side, this DOT news is surprising. And it seems like a gargantuan effort that will take a lot longer than two months to roll out.