HomeIncredible drone footage reveals Australia’s stunning remote landscapes

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Footage captured by Queensland photographer Dan Proud shows orange sunsets illuminating rocky ridges, with cattle running below on the expansive plains. Featuring cascading waterfalls and following long freight trains, the drone soars above the landscape, with the closing clip focusing on campervan heading into the wilderness against the setting sun.

 Scenes captured by Queensland photographer Dan Proud show orange sunsets illuminating rocky ridges in the large natural area

Freedom to roam: Cattle can be seen running across the expansive plains away as the drone soars overhead

Just around the river bend: Shots capture streams and rivers flowing between the crimson rocky formations 

However the film, entitled Hamserley, helps viewers witness the most enchanting parts of the country, that they might not normally get the chance to explore

The photographer had a tricky job trying to edit six hours of footage into four minutes, but this green plain was one of the spectacular clips that made it into the final cut