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Drones are amazing devices. They can be shown off while doing aerial flips, or they can be used for film making as some drones are attached with cameras. However, these small flying contraptions could also be used to deliver items to people.

Flytrex launched its premier delivery drone that is designed for consumer use, the Flytrex Sky. This drone can be used to deliver small packages using the revolutionary cloud-based Sky Platform.

Flytrex Pilot App

Users will be able to fly the Flytrex Sky drone with ease as it can also be controlled using the bundled Flytrex Pilot app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app can control the Sky Drone manually via a virtual console user interface or it can be set to autopilot which uses GPS to let the drone know where it should go.

Flytrex does not limit the user on how to control the Sky drone. In fact, the quadcopter can also be controlled using any device connected to the Internet thanks to the Sky Platform’s unique web application program interface (API). This means that a user can fly the drone using a smartphone, a desktop or laptop PC, or even one of today’s smartwatches out in the market.

Sky Platform Collaborative Piloting Technology

The consumer drone tech company also has the Flytrex Messenger app also available on iOS and Android. What it does is that it lets both the recipient and sender to monitor and control the Sky Drone’s flight as a delivery solution.

Powered by the Sky Platform Collaborative Piloting technology, the Sky Drone can be controlled by both users at different stages of the quadcopter’s flight. The sender can select a destination contact and the drone immediately takes off even without controlling it manually. The receiver can then make adjustments to its flight path in order to guide it accordingly when it lands to deliver the package.

Users of the Flytrex Sky drone will be glad to know that all of its flights will be automatically logged and saved in a personal and highly-secure Flytrex profile. The mobile app can view the flight logs, while it can also be accessed through a web browser.

The Israel-based Flytrex added 3G tracking to the Sky Drone for hassle-free identification of its location anytime the user wishes. Since it’s range-free, there will be no worries of lost connectivity to the drone. In addition, the sender can always order the Sky Drone to return to its pre-set home location even if it is currently on a delivery mission.

Drone Enthusiast and Hobbyists-Friendly

For hobbyists and drone enthusiasts, the Sky drone supports installation and attachments of a RC transmitter for manual remote physical control. Cameras are not included but the Flytrex Sky Drone is also FPV (first-person view) video piloting and GoPro ready, perfect for taking aerial shots of scenic views.

For deliveries, the Sky Drone has eight hooks with four on each side of the quadcopter. Special bands can be used to attach small-sized items such as folded shirts, soda cans, bottles of beer and a smartwatch or an iPhone 6, if the user is brave. The attachments are secure as shown in the demonstration video.

Flytrex knows that one common problem for drones is battery life. The Sky Drone is dual battery ready for longer flight times of up to 35 minutes on a single charge. That’s more than enough to send a bottle of beer to the user’s friend a couple of blocks away from the sender.

When asked what the inspiration behind the Sky Drone was, Flytrex CEO Yariv Bash told Biztek Mojo:“Almost every day someone at our headquarters would forget something back at home. And every time, we thought it would be really cool to have a drone that can fly autonomously and bring you your forgotten stuff – from your keys to your wallet or lunch.”

According to Bash, there were about a dozen people who were involved in developing the Sky Drone and the web API. Electrical and mechanical engineers, app developers, front end and back end developers, and designers were part of their team.

Future Apps Through Web API

Interestingly, Bash also said that their Flytrex web API can be used by developers to make their own apps or even games that can be used in tandem with the Sky Drone. This means that there could be more apps compatible with the drone in the future.

Video games are also not a far-off possibility. One good idea is developing a game where FPV is used. Who knows, there might be a developer who can make a dogfight game using two or more Sky Drones. An app for controlling several Sky Drones simultaneously could also be developed. However, it would seem that most video games would be limited to a first-person view due to the positioning of the cameras.

Updating the firmware is also not a problem for the Sky Drone as it can be automatically downloaded from the cloud. No need to plug in cables.

Currently, there are somehow strict regulations on drone deliveries. Even Amazon is still finding a way to make its Prime Air service, which uses their drones to commercially deliver packages to its consumers, completely legal in the United States. Amazon is hoping that regulations for drones would be less strict. There are possible security complications if drone regulations are too lax, however. There was an incident where a drone crash landed near the White House. It isn’t clear whether Sky Drones can also be used for large-scale business deliveries.

The Flytrex Sky Drone is both useful and entertaining. If a user forgot something from a friend’s house nearby, the drone can then be used to send the item back to the owner. Film makers can make use of the drone’s support for the GoPro camera to capture scenes that are impossible to take on foot. For instance, it can be used to capture a video of a moving vehicle while following it. The drone can also be used to take aerial views of a property for a prospective client. Flytrex Sky Drone opens up more possibilities as there is no range limit between the controller and itself.