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BySummer KnowlesQQ截图20151204105018ORLANDO, Fla. —Surveillance video shows three masked people robbing an Orlando drone store. The robbers kicked their way through the front door and grabbed everything they could get their hands on.

“I just ran under here, like this. This is how I was,” said Carlos Seminaro, victim and store employee.Seminaro was inside the CineDrones store on Sand Lake Road across from the Florida Mall early Wednesday morning when it was robbed.

Surveillance video shows three masked people dressed in all black, breaking in through the front door and then clearing the counters.

“I heard a bunch of noises coming from out there and I was confused, but then I made a little bit of noise and they said, ‘If someone is here, we have a gun,’ so I locked it and went under there,” Seminaro said.QQ截图20151204105006

Seminaro said he waited a few minutes and when he did not hear any more noise he opened the door.”I came out and the door was broken. The glass was broken and they had taken all the drones,” Seminaro said.

“They took all of that, and they took a big airplane. Yeah, they took a lot of stuff.”The thieves took 15 to 17 drones. Each drone is worth $1,000 to $3,000.”At first, I was glad they didn’t do anything to me, and then I was kind of mad. You know? Why can’t you just work for your stuff?” Seminaro said.