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Drone photos have become the latest trend in the wedding industry. Couples now want their special day to be recorded by drones, in order to get the grand view from the top.


Today, a wedding seems incomplete without the new technology. Compared to 2014, there is a much higher demand to get these unique shot from above in 2015. In the past, aerial shots used to be difficult to get and were only possible from a helicopter or jibs, which had its limitations.

According to reports, the drone can be purchased for Rs 75,000-4 lakhs and can go as high as 50 feet to 500 feet above any celebration. However, renting it for that special day can be a lot cheaper. Cost to rent the drone can range from Rs 12,000-35,000 per day. Using a drone at your wedding can help capture stunning images of the location that you wouldn’t ordinarily get.

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However, there is a legal issue of using drones, as people are unsure if the drone is an acceptable equipment to have for weddings. Because they can reach very high, they could come in the way of a flight passing through the location and become a security issue. In 2014, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) ordered that until the DGCA released standard guideline for the use of drones, non-government agency or individuals could not fly them for any purpose in Indian airspace.

However, according to a leading English daily, enforcement of the rules is not rigid and the guideline has yet to be released.