Homefromwhereidrone shows spectacular aerial photographs of landscapes around the world

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These stunning aerial pictures prove that birds really do have the best view.

A recent boom in drones being bought for personal and professional photography has seen many taking to Instagram to post their breathtaking captures.A hashtag that is currently trending is #fromwhereidrone, where people can showcase the most jaw-dropping images from above. Here MailOnline Travel shares some of the most stunning.

 Fire and Ice: Instagram user @anthony_morganti posted this mesmerising shot of a fiery-coloured coastline round Lake Mead, Nevada

Dirk Dallas (@dirka) who created the hashtag features some of his own work in the mix including this image of a woman in a striking red dress in lying in the desert. The Californian decided to dedicate an Instagram page to the best images with the tag, and has seen the page gain tens of thousands of followers.

He now features a drone image or video every single day and has a website of the same name dedicated to tips on buying and capturing incredible images and featuring inspiration from uploads he has seen.

‘The response to the hashtag has been incredible. I’m excited to announce that as of December the hashtag has passed 10,000 photos on Instagram,’ he said.

‘Based on the comments and emails that I have received, there are lots of people that have gotten into drone photography because of the amazing photos found through the hashtag and @fromwhereidrone account.

‘My goal was to have people inspired by this new form of photography so I am always happy to hear when someone shares that with me.’ The talented photographer features some of his own work in the mix including an image of a woman in a striking red dress in lying in the desert and one of a sunrise over a railway bridge.

‘My advice for beginners is to first get an inexpensive drone so that you can get the hang of flying something in the air remotely and get some of the crashes out of the way before having an accident with something really expensive,’ he advised.’For those who want to just jump right in with a fantastic drone that features a great camera then I would recommend the DJI Phantom 3.’Drones have come under recent fire with many no-fly being applied to public and private spaces.

Eric Ward (@littlecoal) uploaded this captivating images with the tag line 'Next level shot of an Instameet'

In March it was announced that the equipment is now banned from parks near Buckingham Palace and other senior Royals’ homes amid fears they could be used by spies or would-be terrorists.

‘Anyone who buys a drone definitely needs to take some time to first look at the rules and regulations established by the authorities in their area.

‘Here in the United States the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established some rules for drone pilots which include the following: You can’t fly higher than 400 feet, you must be able to see your drone at all times, you must stay at least 5 miles away from any airports, you can’t fly in National Parks or near stadiums or racetracks during an event and you can’t photograph people in places where there is an expectation of privacy without the individual’s permission.’Three swimmers had a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the ocean alongside a spotted whale shark and @postandfly was there to capture it from above

Next Dallas hopes to capture Dubai so he can shoot the amazing beaches, architecture and desert landscapes.