HomeApple Watch Is Now A Remote Control For Your GoPro Camera and Possibly GoPro’s New Drone

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As part of GoPro’s latest update to its iOS app, it will now allow Apple Watch users to control their camera straight from the wrist. This could be a more convenient way to control your GoPro.

The Verge reports that GoPro has added an Apple Watch app so you may control your GoPro more easily. You will be able to start or stop recording, preview camera and add highlight tags. GoPro has been meaning to develop a wearable remote for some time now, however, the Apple watch could be easier.

Meanwhile, Macworld further reports details about the update.

GoPro updated its iOS app on Thursday to integrate a new app for the Apple Watch turning it to a remote control for Wi-Fi capable GoPro cameras. Aside from this, the new app can act as a remote viewfinder so you may frame your shots before you start recording. For those shots that are difficult to capture, you may add Complication or a shortcut on the face of your Watch to hit record anytime.

More so, the main iOS and Android GoPro apps have been redesigned with the ability now to get still images straight from your videos. With the Apple Watch integration, the update also included new features to the iOS app. It can now be used to transfer video, files and adjust settings.

 The update will definitely come in handy once Karma is released. Karma is a camera quadcopter that will be launched sometime in 2016. This was announced last Thursday. Users are now presuming that iPhone and Apple Watch will be used as a remote control as well.

Updates are now available in the App Store and Google Play.