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The Anderson Police Department has an agreement with a local drone owner to use it whenever they need it, according to Detective Casey Day.

Having access to a drone will cost the public and police department nothing.

Mike Hubert Sr. of Anderson started flying a drone as a hobby.


“I love this city, I’ve been here for 35 years and I’ve seen so much improvement in the city in the last five years,” Hubert noted.

Anderson’s Problem Oriented Police (POP) Unit showed off Hubert’s drone, on Wednesday.

“It’s a community oriented partnership,” Detective Day stated.

“I’m more than happy to loan it to them and help them out,” Hubert noted.

Hubert’s drone was used in a previous look over an area where transients camp.

“We really discovered quite a few benefits to using the drone,” Detective Day said.

Detective Day explained before having access to the drone officers would have to walk through heavy vegetation, which wasted time.

Now they have an eye in the sky, giving officers a chance to scope out where the transients are camping, ultimately saving time and possibly lives.

“We are obviously able to see things from a distance before we go walking into the woods,” Detective Day explained.

Officers plan to use it in the near future without Hubert’s help; however, for now Hubert will be training them.

“I’m still learning, but once I get the hang of it… We will try flying it on our own,” Detective Day stated.

For now, Anderson police will use the drone to search for transients camps.

“There’s a multitude of different operational settings where we can deploy the drone; however, there is certain legalities that we have to keep in mind, expectation of privacy being one of them,” Detective Day stated.

Detective Day said he has not head of another law enforcements agency in the Northstate using one.

“We come up with all sorts of new concepts on how to make the community a safer place for people to live and how we can do our jobs better,” Detective Day stated.

According to Detective Day, if they use Hubert’s drone often, the department might look into buying one. For now they will continue to use Hubert’s drone.