HomeAn amateur photographer from central Victoria capturing stunning images high above the skyline

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QQ截图20151214153905The sky’s the limit for amateur photographer Brad Ellis, who is using an aerial drone to capture new and beautiful images of famous Bendigo landmarks.Brad uses a camera attached to an aerial drone – a small unmanned craft which can hover as high as 120 meters off the ground.He said he usually captures his images early in the morning before work and uploads them to his CV Drones Aerial Photography Facebook and Instagram accounts.“Mornings are the best time of the day, just because of the sun. If it’s too high in the sky you get too much sun glare.”Brad loves the unique shots he can take with the drone as it rises above buildings.“I like the wow-factor. I like a photo that you look at and go ‘gee, that’s good.’”


He’s been experimenting with a GoPro camera attached to the drone, which gives a “fisheye” curve to his shots. “A GoPro camera gives you a different look to what a normal camera does. It gives you a totally different perspective on things.”